Cory Watson Cares About Komen Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer

Please Join us for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure October 15

komen-race-for-the-cure-2015In 1998, when Ernie Cory settled all of our breast implant clients’ cases, we decided to do something to recognize and honor our clients.  Many of the ladies that we represented were breast cancer survivors, so we chose the Susan G. Komen Foundation to be the beneficiary of our goodwill and financial support. Ernie served on the board of directors for a few years and I became the lawyer for the association, and continue in that position.  We have sponsored the Race for 15 years and are proud to sponsor again this year.

A lot happens in 15 years. We have had several employees diagnosed with breast cancer in 15 years.  We have had family diagnosed, and we have had clients diagnosed.  We have developed a close tie with the UAB Breast Cancer Center, which receives lots of grant money from the North Alabama Komen Association – over 75% of the money raised stays in North Alabama and is used directly for medical research and mammograms. Dr. Forero, oncologist extraordinaire at the UAB Breast Cancer Center is our friend – he knows Cory Watson.

The Komen Race for the Cure is a big deal to Cory Watson folks like Vicki and Felicia who get to wear the outrageously pink shirts and the beads. The Race is a big deal for Cory Watson because statistically 1 out of 8 women will still get diagnosed in their lifetime, so we need to find the cure.  Please sign up and come to the Race. You’ll find the Cory Watson Attorneys tent near the courthouse steps. We look forward to connecting with clients we see year after year and making new friends as well.  Join us as we race for the cure.

– Leila Watson